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Puppinato is an established brand, in Treviso since 1954, a leader in the design, building and assembly of jib cranes and overhead cranes to meet every requirement.

The partnership of Puppinato & Picinque has allowed combining all our expertise and skills in one company to provide innovative solutions to our customers.

We specialise in the supply and assistance service of lifting equipment for various types of production industries: numerous installations of jib cranes in the shipbuilding industry, different types of overhead cranes, single-beam cranes, two-beam cranes with accessories and winches to suit different needs, fixed or self-propelled gantry cranes.

In our website, you can find all the lifting equipment and machinery designed and made by us, as well as photos of our installations.


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Puppinato & Picinque Srl

31055 Quinto di Treviso (Tv)
Via Scattolin, 24
VAT & Tax ID No. 01804520268


Lifting Systems
Tel. +39 0422 470326

Assistance/Spare parts
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