Residual Life

SUBJECT: Work Equipment - Other Investigations "Declarations on the residual life and verifications" According to the Legislative Decree of 11 April 2011, which regulates the periodic checks on equipment, Annex VII of Legislative Decree 85 - 81/08 Art. 71 additional checks on lifting equipment are necessary after exceeding a period of 10 to 20 years of use depending on the categories of the equipment. (10 years for EU cranes - 20 years for the others) Entry into force of the decree of 24 May 2012 The residual life of lifting equipment. This is the declaration drawn up by the technical expert, on the basis of the declaration of use signed by the client / user, as well as how to follow the appropriate checks and inspections carried out on the lifting equipment, on whether or not the appliance can be used safely for a further period of safe time. After 10 years of being commissioned by the EC machines and 20 years for EC cranes, where the lifting equipment has been used to the limit for services permitted by the aforementioned classification (type of load and number of operations), it may have depleted the lifespan envisaged in relation to the aforementioned ISO / FEM service groups in which it was classified. In particular, it must be taken into account that many elements in the kinematic chain of the mechanisms are not visible, therefore they cannot be checked regularly at the time of the required inspection visits and the initial damage cannot be detected in this intervention. When the theoretical use, for which the mechanism has been sized, comes to an end, statistically, there is a growing probability that danger may appear. For this reason, the lifting apparatus must no longer be put back into service unless an inspection has been carried out by expert technicians. The purpose of the inspection, in relation to the actual state of employment and efficiency of the appliance, is to determine its "residual life" or to also deliberate on possible intervention on the basis of an emergency maintenance /overhaul, if it is capable of functioning safely for a further period. PUPPINATO & PICINQUE S.R.L.

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